Monday, October 23, 2006

Current activity

My main emphasis just now is on my Dream Diary which you can access through this page - there's a link up the top. I've been recording my dreams for years now and have books of nonsense. Putting them on a blogsite gives them an odd life, bouncing the dreams back out into the collective subconscious. Its a weird feeling to have someone you scarcely know come up to you and discuss the dream you had two weeks before. I thought it would feel intrusive but its not like that. They are dreams after all- they don't particularly say anything about my personal life. One minute I am male, the next female, I'm a boy , an old man, a heterosexual, a homosexual, I am in parts of the world I have never visited, I act in ways I never would in my waking life. The dreams feel like they belong to something bigger than myself, they have a logic and poetry which I would otherwise struggle to achieve.

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Sarah said...

arrived via your dream diary, and so glad I did. I really like your work