Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Not quite sure what I'm doing yet with this blog- need different sections etc. but its a start.

Tend to avoid showing in galleries - am currently interested in developing new approaches to drawing which can involve instructions given by other people. I generally like my work to be a kind of collaboration. My inspiration is often other people's imaginations which I try to give shape to. I have worked in a number of contexts where I set a theme for dialogue and ask members of the public to describe a scene which I draw- usually in a public context , like a club or a film festival. So the work is like a performance. I like the person whose description I have drawn, to keep the artwork so there is an exchange which does not involve money. I earn my living by being paid in the same way as a performing artist. It's kind of a version of Rolf Harris but is interactive and has often a sense of melancholy or dark humour. Themes I have used in the past include favourite film scenes (see above), repetitive dreams, childhood memories, erotic fantasies, projected futures, and just what was being experienced this time yesterday.
So, number one, I am up for hire. I am available for any club, party, or special event where I can interact with members of the public to produce a series of intimate drawings.

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tuppu said...

Robin, I am concocting a social enterprise document about the Night of the Senses,and was speaking about its artistic integrity, mentioning yourself, so I decided to look you up on google in order to be able to describe you properly. Well, here you are with your AMAZING blog. I am so impressed. Still don't know how to describe you though!! Love Tuppy